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Change Management was the second short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: How the Doctor Changed My Life. It was written by Simon Moore. It featured the Sixth Doctor and Mel.


The Flux Control corporation is built on a society of brutal murder and lies, and worker Pip Hexiflorn is determined to expose the corrupt company for its true colours and escape its clutches. But by doing so, he pits himself against a monster that is feeding on the workforce. As all hope is lost, Pip forms an alliance with the Doctor and Mel to change the company forever...



  • Gubabans risk vaporisation if they dissent from the policies of the Boo'in.
  • Pip Hexiflorn watches a classic television series featuring fictional characters Callum Barrarat and Lucie Voltron.
  • Borgesians were among the species due to be fed to the Flux Beast.
  • Pip dreams of the beaches on his home planet Gubaba.
  • While believing himself to be dead, Pip expects a being called the Mystical Fisherman to guide him to the "Next Lagoon".


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