Chad Boyle was a student at St Benedict's School in Perivale in the late 1970s. A bully, he frequently tormented eight-year-old Dorothy McShane. In December 1978, Chad almost hit her with a brick, but was stopped by an adult Ace. Years later, his family moved up to Barnet before he reached Seniors. He got his act together and eventually became editor of a local newspaper. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Revelation) In December 1992, after years of silence, Chad mailed Christmas cards to all of his old friends from Perivale. Shreela Govindia called him and got a job on his paper. (PROSE: Love and War)

In an alternate timeline created by the Timewyrm, Chad Boyle hit Dorothy McShane in the head with a brick, killing her. He was placed in his mother's custody until a trial could be held, but a few days later the Timewyrm recruited him in her battle with the Seventh Doctor and Ace. In a replica of 19th century Cheldon Bonniface created on the surface of the Moon in 1992, Chad attacked Ace, abducting her and using a pineal manipulator to transmit her consciousness into the Doctor's mind. The Timewyrm took full possession of his body, reshaping it into a small dragon, and sent his consciousness after Ace. Chad tormented her further and nearly dealt a fatal blow to the Doctor. The Timewyrm tried to tempt Ace into killing Chad instead of freeing the Doctor's conscience, but she refused. In the final confrontation with the Doctor, the Timewyrm destroyed Chad's consciousness. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Revelation)

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