Ch'tizz was the queen of the Charrl during their habitation of Antýkhon. She considered the Charrl to be superior to all mammals. (PROSE: Birthright, AUDIO: Birthright)

History Edit

Ch'tizz hatched on Alya, but had to leave the planet as a young grub with the rest of her people due to solar flares and pollution. She remembered being overjoyed when the Charrl found a new home on Antýkhon circa 16909. (PROSE: Birthright, AUDIO: Birthright)

By a time 2959 years after Ch'tizz left Alya, she was queen of the Charrl. The harsh nature of Antýkhon meant that the Charrl were on a path to extinction. According to one account, Ch'tizz made a nine day journey across several dangerous seas and the barren plains of Africa to Muldwych's hut on Mount Kukúrk to request his help. Aware of his time travel knowledge, Ch'tizz requested he help the Charrl colonise Antýkhon's past, when it had been a fertile planet called "Earth". Muldwych agreed and helped the Charrl discover the Great Divide. (PROSE: Birthright) According to another account, the Charrl found the Great Divide themselves and worked alone to stabilise it. (AUDIO: Birthright)

Unable to go through physically, Ch'tizz psychically reached through the Great Divide to Ercildoune in 1270 and made Jared Khan her servant on Earth. She granted him immortality so that he could continue acting as her agent through the centuries. (PROSE: Birthright)

500 years after the Great Divide was found, Ace (PROSE: Birthright) or Jason Kane arrived on Antýkhon and was brought to Ch'tizz to be questioned. (AUDIO: Birthright) The Great Divide was stabilised on Antýkhon's side using Ace's Time Vector Generator (PROSE: Birthright) or Jason's Time Ring; (AUDIO: Birthright) Ch'tizz instructed Jared Khan to stabilise the Divide on Earth's side using Bernice Summerfield's equivalent device. With the Divide safe to travel through, Ch'tizz led a party of Charrl to 1909 London. (PROSE: Birthright, AUDIO: Birthright) By one account, Ch'tizz was talked down from invading Edwardian Earth by Bernice and Muldwych, who convinced her to use the Great Divide to instead colonise "an alternate Earth where mankind never developed" which was actually a dimension inside the Doctor's TARDIS. (PROSE: Birthright) Another account indicated that Ch'tizz couldn't be stopped from ordering the Charrl to attack London and that Bernice and Jason had to use their Time Rings to send most of the Charrl back to Antýkhon. After negotiating with Ch'tizz, they used their Time Rings to move the path of the Great Divide to an uninhabited planet in the Milky Way for the Charrl to live on. (AUDIO: Birthright)

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