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Ceres Doyle is a prolific member of the BBC Wales post-production team. She began her involvement with Doctor Who production at its very start, as the assistant editor on every episode from Rose to Gridlock. With Daleks in Manhattan, she began to be credited as visual effects editor, and retained that title into series 5, when she also made her start as a post-production supervisor. On the mini-episodes Time Crash and Music of the Spheres, she was the full editor.

She also was heavily involved in the post-production of The Ultimate Guide, and was one of the main editors on The Sarah Jane Adventures.

In 2016, Doyle worked on Class as a post-production supervisor. She returned to Doctor Who, also as a post-production supervisor, in 2018, for series 11. In 2020, she became the very first post-production producer on Doctor Who, at the start of series 12.


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