TV 21 Themes (MA 105), the sixth record in the "21 Minutes of Adventure" series.

Century 21 Productions (formerly AP Films) was a production company established by Gerry Anderson. Many of the shows it produced formed a shared fictional universe, primarily set in the 21st century. Collectively, these productions formed a rival science fiction empire to that of the British Broadcasting Corporation's own Doctor Who.

Century 21 Publishing Edit

Century 21 Publishing and City Magazines published the magazine TV Century 21 (TV 21 for short). Through a connection between Alan Fennell and Terry Nation, and the permission of the BBC, The Daleks was the back-page comic between 1965 and 1967.

TV 21 maintained that, like all of its other stories, The Daleks was a news report and thus part of the Century 21 fictional universe.

Century 21 Records Edit

Century 21 Records with Pye Records in 1965 produced thirty six 33 rpm mini albums in a series called "21 Minutes of Adventure". Much of the series consisted of abridged episodes of Century 21's tv shows or collections of Barry Gray's music. For the two records in the series with the Doctor Who theme, Pye Records reused Eric Winstone's 1964 arrangement.

A record, simply entitled The Daleks came out, containing the soundtrack to "The Planet of Decision", the last episode of The Chase, with narration by David Graham (one of the voices of the Daleks) to explain plot points less obvious without any visuals. On a music record which contained theme songs to Gerry Anderson shows, the Theme to "Dr.Who" was also included.

Century 21 Television Edit

Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet, both produced by Century 21 have been referenced in Doctor Who and its spinoff shows. Many comparisons have also been made between the characters of Captain Jack Harkness and Captain Scarlet due to their immortality.

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