The Centuripede were a race who travelled to Earth in 2050 in order to breed.

Biology Edit

A mother Centuripede looked like a giant centipede from Earth. It was brown and had white eyes with red cracks in the centre. The mother Centuripede later turned into a thin butterfly-like creature with pure black eyes, three digits and a beak like mouth; these came in various colours such as blue, green and purple. The mother Centuripede's children hatched from green eggs into this butterfly state. (TV: The Last Oak Tree)

History Edit

A mother Centuripede came to Earth in 2050 and travelled to the London sewers to build a pod to transport her eggs. She needed oak wood to build the pod. Her kind had bred in oak forests for thousands of years, but as there were no more oak trees, she was at risk of being part of the very last spawning of the Centuripede on Earth, which justified her theft of the Major Oak from a museum.

Centuripede TLOT Screenshot

The Centuripede after she had transformed into a butterfly-like creature.

Drake placed a vapour bomb into the sewers, but K9 temporarily held off the vapour, while Starkey helped the Centuripede place her eggs into the pod. After the task was completed, the pod rose and the mother collapsed, apparently dead. However, her body soon began to crack into white light, and she transformed into a butterfly-like creature.

The mother was last seen by Jorjie Turner and Darius Pike as she and her hatched babies flew into their pod. As a reward for helping them, she and her babies gave Starkey and K9 a lift to the surface, away from the bomb. As a token of appreciation she gave Starkey three acorns stashed in their nest from Robin Hood's time period. (TV: The Last Oak Tree)

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