A Roman centurion hired the mute assassin Ascaris in July 64 to kill Maximus Pettulian. After he discovered the First Doctor and Vicki Pallister while looking for Pettulian's body, he mistook the Doctor for Pettulian and took them to his camp.

The centurion met with Ascaris, thinking he had failed to murder Pettulian, and told Ascaris to go to the Doctor's room and murder him. After Ascaris failed, the centurion fled and Tavius had him murdered. His body was discovered by the Doctor and Vicki. (TV: The Romans)

Behind the scenes Edit

In the scene in "All Roads Lead to Rome" in which the Doctor and Vicki discover the centurion's body, extra Vez Delahunt was used as the centurion's "corpse" to prevent hiring Dennis Edwards again. (DWM 251)

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