Project FXX Q84, later known as the Cell, was the culmination of the genetic research on Checkley's World.

Earth biologists prior to the 24th century had vivisected a number of telepathic species they encountered. The scientists on Checkley's World used this information to develop Project FXX Q84, which they hoped would be able to out-think all other lifeforms.

In 2389, Sheldukher stole the Project to use in his quest to find Sakkrat and the Highest Science. Knowing this, the owners of Checkley's World found and modified Hogsumm to match the description of Sakkrat. They set traps on the planet to recover their Project.

By the time the Cell had found what it thought was Sakkrat in 2680, it had evolved itself into a part-animal, part-vegetable, part-mineral being. However, it made mistakes during this development and was in perpetual pain. Bernice Summerfield eventually killed it, putting it out of its agony. (PROSE: The Highest Science, AUDIO: The Highest Science)

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