Cedric Chivers was a student in Coal Hill School's sixth form in 1963.

Cedric spied on the new student Susan Foreman, pretending to be her friend, and informed his uncle Colonel Rook about the psychic abilities Cedric noticed Susan had. At Rosa's that October, Susan and Cedric heard a DJ on the radio read a message to them from the Doctor, even though the First Doctor was in the café with them. The message stated "it's blowing in the wind," and "it's all in the beat". The following day, while crossing Mayfield Terrace, Cedric was influenced by a German weapon that had been buried in the terrace during World War II that used radio waves to make young people hate and attack anyone who was different to them. He joined a mob led by Mavis, but stopped when Susan dropped her transistor radio.

On Monday, Susan bought Cedric a Bob Dylan LP because of the man on the radio. They were chased by street gangs who chanted "aliens out", and Cedric brought Susan to Colonel Rook's warehouse, where Cedric told her that the Doctor and Susan could be used to fight a war. The Doctor deduced the workings of the weapon, and devised a means of using Susan's radio and other pieces in the warehouse to transmit a blocking signal that negated the effect of the weapon. (AUDIO: Hunters of Earth)

By 2013, he was teaching at Oxford, according to Alice Watson he had simply forgotten to retire. He helped to create a time machine. He knew that it worked as he was given himself the instructions from the future. The Eleventh Doctor's influence, by getting him and Susan to buy a Bob Dylan record, led to him to marry a girl that he met at a Dylan concert. The memory of his children and grandchildren stopped him from entering the time machine, allowing the Doctor to stop the Creevix. (AUDIO: The Time Machine)

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