Cazkelf the Transcendent was an artist.

After crashing on Earth in the 37th century, he helped design the Oriel art gallery, to amplify his spacecraft's distress signal, specifically to create a resonance matrix to funnel psychic energy. He used headphones on the humanoid patrons to drain their psychic energy and send the distress signal. The Ninth Doctor created a feedback loop, stopping the signal and returning the stolen psychic energy, but it had already been sent. When Cazkelf's rescuers did not come, the Doctor took Cazkelf home, but his world had been devastated by a disaster. He decided to return to Earth, believing that he would be facing consequences for his actions. Instead, the materialisation of the Doctor's TARDIS before the visitors made them believe this was all part of a performance art piece. The Doctor advised Cazkelf to "delight and amaze" them. Cazkelf declared that his next event would be a memorial to a "lost race". (COMIC: Art Attack)

He attended Josiah W. Dogbolter's 500th birthday party. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Showdown)