Catherine Eddowes

Catherine Eddowes was an East End prostitute murdered by Jack the Ripper.

After consuming too much alcohol, Eddowes was put in the drunk tank. In the early morning of 30 September, 1888, a half hour after she was released, Jack (Mac'atyde) was walking her home along Whitechapel High Street. Still unsteady with drink, she let him lead her to Mitre Square where he attacked and she screamed out. The Eleventh Doctor's later examination of the body confirmed his suspicion that the killer was a leecher. Mac'atyde had slashed and cut her while alive to induce absolute terror after which he cut through her peritoneal lining and removed a kidney and her adrenal gland.

History recorded that her body was found at 1:45 am, 45 minutes after Elizabeth Stride's body was found. With this foreknowledge, Amy Pond raced from the earlier crime scene to save Eddowes but only interrupted Mac'atyde's feeding. (COMIC: Ripper's Curse)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Eddowes was played by Lesley Sharp in the 2001 film From Hell.

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