"Look alike"

I'm not sure whether this has been spoken about before but "look alike" isn't the proper spelling of this word. The two official spellings are "lookalike" and "look-alike". "(to) look alike" is a verbal phrase, not a noun. Changing this little thing may be a lot of work, but I personally think we should ensure our English is correct on this Wiki. I know everyone knows what we mean by "look alike", but everyone would know what we meant if we used the Americanism "realize", but we don't because this a Wiki that uses British English. Not a great comparison, I know.

It's just a suggestion. If admins are fine with what we already have, then so be it, but I wanted to point it out regardless as it's been playing on my mind for a while now. And since we now have "Twelfth Doctor (Shadow World)", it just crept back into my mind. TheFartyDoctor Talk 22:07, May 26, 2017 (UTC)

regarding the people who voiced the doctor in radio

to quote the Tenth Doctor "That's just cheating", that's a bit of a stretch isn't it? --Draph91 16:38, January 15, 2019 (UTC)