Years is a super-category, used for the organization of subcategories having to do with years. No individual year pages should be organized under this category, but rather under the appropriate "<century> century years" category.

Years is currently involved in the Game of Rassilon.

Please do not remove individual pages from this category unless there's very good cause. Removing pages from Years will disrupt game play. When the Years editing track is removed from the Game of Rassilon, this category will return to being a category which only houses other categories. It should not normally have any individual pages within it.

This is a hidden category.[edit source]

Users cannot see it by default. In order to see it on pages where it has been placed, users must click an option in Special:Preferences.

In general, categories should not be hidden. However, in the case of categories which are created solely for use with advanced coding functions like DPL or SMW, or when they have been created in order to facilitate the Game of Rassilon, it can be useful to hide them.

Please do not remove this message from this page without discussion at the Panopticon.

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