All videos uploaded to this wiki must adhere to our video policy, or they will be deleted. In brief, this policy requires that any videos uploaded here must have been uploaded elsewhere by the rights holder. The most common example of allowable video is that uploaded by the BBC or BBC Worldwide to their official YouTube channel.

If you have any questions about whether to proceed with an upload, please contact an administrator. The consequences, both to this wiki and you personally, of uploading copyright-protected video are severe. Please don't do it, even if you intend only to put it on your user page.

Note that this category is automatically and non-optionally assigned to a video upon upload. Uploaders should double-check that their video is wholly in compliance with our video policy and then add {{good video}} to their uploads. This places the video into category:Videos compliant with our video policy.

Because videos automatically get assigned category:videos by the system upon upload, videos that are in this category cannot be assumed to comply with our video policy. Each video in this category should be individually examined. When found to be in compliance with policy, category:videos should be removed and replaced by {{good video}}.

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