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If you're not a fan of 1960s Doctor Who or missing episodes, you'll probably never have to deal with this policy/category. But if you dig black-and-white Doctor Who, know that there are some pages that will never be illustrated on this wiki because we illustrate with screenshots -- and missing episodes, are, well, missing quite a few screenshots.

Untransmitted images are those images of 1960s Doctor Who missing stories that do not come from either an episode itself or telesnaps.

Because of T:IPER, such images are not allowed to principally illustrate[1] either the story page or character pages deriving from those stories. They may be used in behind the scenes sections of character pages, as long as it's made clear they do not come from the episode-as-transmitted.

In general, images in this category come from the following 1960s Doctor Who stories.[2]

Wholly missing any images from transmission
There are legitimately zero images from these two productions.
Missing almost all but the tiniest amount of footage
Individual episodes that have no visual record


  1. "Principal illustration" means: within the infobox or in-universe sections of in-universe pages, nor anywhere above the cast and crew sections on story pages.
  2. Though the category is meant for images from the above-named missing episodes, it would also be disallowed to use images that come from existing or telesnapped episodes that are from sources other than actual transmission.

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