Stories by location is an out-of-universe category. Don't put it in an in-universe category or any category that doesn't have the word stories in it. Categories about stories should only be in other categories about stories.

Stories by location is strictly an out-of-universe category. It, and its subcategories, should only be ogranized, ultimately, under category:stories. Therefore, please do not put anything under this category into an in-universe category. For instance, category:Stories set on Skaro should only be under category:stories by location and not under category:Skaro.

The reason for this sharp dividing line is twofold. First of all, story titles are not actually in-universe facts. Thus the name of a story is never known to the Doctor, Jack, Sarah Jane or any of their associates. Secondly, though, it can create massive recursion in the category tree of the wikia if the real world category suddenly veers off into various Dalek categories because category:Stories by location suddenly leads to category:Skaro and beyond to Category:Children of Time or the like.

Please remember that all our categories belong in only one of four meta categories. Individual pages can have some greater flexibility, but categories must retain a single identity in one of the four categories found at Floor 500

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