Overview pages are those articles which attempt to give an overview of a particular product range. Pages such as BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures should not be put under category:EDA novels because the overview page itself is not one of the books in that range. Overview pages are much more similar to each other than they are to the range they're describing. For instance:

  • All overview pages should bear the top-of-page template, {{real world}}, but sometimes this is inappropriate for the pages about things in that range. A good example is the page, Doctor Who quiz books. That page would bear {{real world}}, but the actual quiz book pages, like Doctor Who Quiz Book of Dinosaurs, would bear {{tl|non-fiction}].
  • Every overview page would be differently italicised, using {{title}}, than the pages described by that overview. For instance, Only Human would be fully italicised, but BBC New Series Adventures would not be italicised at all.
  • Most overview pages do not actually require {{TitleSort}}, whereas it's easiest to assume that all book titles do.
  • Some overview pages are too broad to fit into any other category. This applies mainly to the pages about the four big franchises: Doctor Who, Torchwood (TV series), The Sarah Jane Adventures and K9 (TV series). There's no single category that really works well with these big overviews, because they could go in any category which bears the names Doctor Who, SJA, Torchwood or K9.

Overview pages simply are strange beasts. They aren't fully a part of any category that contains their name. And they therefore have different maintenance requirements than the pages that are within that product range. They should therefore be divorced from the category that is inspired by their name.

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