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As noted on the talk page, "Look-alikes" or "Lookalikes" would be the correct spelling. "Individuals said to look like the Doctor" has also been proposed, to resolve ambiguity.

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Look alikes of the Doctor either naturally looked like the Doctor, as with Ramón Salamander or Edward Marlow, or they actively pretended to be the Doctor by assuming their physical characteristics. In two cases, the Doctor has taken on the form of others they have encountered.

Individuals who at one point did not look the Doctor, but later changed their appearance to impersonate them should be placed in the subcategory Individuals who altered their appearance to look like the Doctor.

Not everyone in this category is an enemy. Nevertheless, many in this category can be compared to individuals who claimed to be the Doctor but didn't look like them.

If a character is portrayed by an actor who portrayed the Doctor, they should not be entered into this category solely based upon the shared actor, as this is not confirmation that they lookalike in-universe.

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