This category should be deleted.

Considering how many fathers in the DWU are not specified as biological, this category is open to some of the worst kind of speculation.

Please use the talk page for further discussion and abide by our deletion policy.

This category is for the male counterparts in human sexual reproduction. Only fathers by sexual reproduction specifically may be added here.

Progenation, for example, is not sexual reproduction, and the singular parent involved is described as both mother and father. Those human parents are at Human parents by progenation.

In the case of adoption, those parents are human parents, but not by means of sexual reproduction. Those human parents are at Human adoptive parents.

Per T:GENDER, no categories whose topics are not directly related to gender may use gendered language. Thus, 'adoptive fathers' should never exist, as gender has no bearing on adoption. This particular category is allowed by T:GENDER because sex has a direct link to sexual reproduction, and biological fatherhood is a characteristic, dependant on sex, of sexual reproduction.

If you are unsure whether or not an individual is a biological father (by means of sexual reproduction), please do not place them here.

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