Days of the year is currently involved in the Game of Rassilon.

Please do not remove individual pages from this category unless there's very good cause. Removing pages from Days of the year will disrupt game play. When the Days of the year editing track is removed from the Game of Rassilon, this category will return to being a category which only houses other categories. It should not normally have any individual pages within it.

Because this category is being used by the Game of Rassilon, its contents cross our usual boundaries between real world and in-universe categories. Normally, of course, days of the year would be a wholly in-universe category, but for the benefit of encouraging initial construction of these articles, we're temporarily mixing together all the various types of "days of the year" pages. As these articles mature, the non-DWU day pages may be withdrawn and returned to solely out-of-universe categories without notice. Don't be surprised, therefore, if editing 1 May (production) gives you Game of Rassilon points one day and the next day it doesn't.

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