Cultural references from the real world contains articles about literary works, television shows, films, music, fictional characters, food, and other elements of real life popular culture which are mentioned or referred to in the Doctor Who universe. Nevertheless, because they are definitively mentioned in the DWU, they are a part of Category:Time-Space Visualiser and not a behind-the-scenes category.

To make this category more useful, it should only be used as a container for other subcategories, like category:Songs from the real world. Articles should not be put directly into this category, but into one of its subcategories. If no suitable subcategory exists, it is advisable to create one.

Writing " . . . from the real world" articles

Cultural references from the real world is a member of a category that organizes things within Doctor Who universe. As such it (or, if a subcategory, articles within it) must be written from that point of view. Care must be taken with articles or subcategories like this to ensure that we stress only what is known within the DWU.

Main body of article

Please remember that the main parts of articles within a DWU category should only give information that is actually provided in the story or stories concerned. For instance, an article about a song from the real world shouldn't state the writers of that song, its highest UK chart position or, generally, the year in which it debuted. Almost never is such information provided in a DWU source. Likewise, people from the real world usually are not given full birth and death dates or detailed career information in a DWU story. We don't know from a DWU source, for instance, even what the dates of Margaret Thatcher's prime ministership were. They could be different from that which obtained in the real world, especially given the presence of strictly fictional prime ministers, like Harriet Jones. While copying Wikipedia articles is not forbidden by our Manual of Style, it should be strictly avoided for subjects within the " . . . from the real world" categories. Limit yourself to only that information which can be seen or heard from the story concerned. Remember, all these articles will have a wikipediainfo link, anyway, allowing readers to easily access Wikipedia, if they so choose.

Behind-the-scenes sections

"Common knowledge" about subjects like these should only be given in the behind the scenes section, or, if brief, in an italicized section beneath the article proper. Information given in the behind-the-scenes section should be limited to only what is relevant to amplify the meaning of the main part of the article. For instance, the real world hosts of the television programme, What Not to Wear are relevant to the DWU article, because those presenters provided the voices of the hosts in the DWU version of What Not to Wear seen in Bad Wolf. However, their names should not be given in the main body of the article, because that fact is not established by the episode. Instead, the information is best included in the behind-the-scenes section. By contrast, Orlando Bloom's involvement in The Lord of the Rings and The Pirates of the Caribbean is completely irrelevant to the DWU — until and unless either of those facts are established by the DWU or he participates in a DWU production — and shouldn't be included in the behind-the-scenes section.

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