Images of companions is an out-of-universe category. It exists to allow for the organised storage of images about the various companions. This is not the place to debate the definition of a companion.

For the purposes of this category a "companion" is: a person who assisted the Doctor in some clear capacity and someone whose actor appeared in the opening credits, or who appeared in more than one story, in any medium.

  • Do not remove any of the subcategories from this one. Doing so will affect maintenance of this category
  • Do not change the names of these categories. Often, we've chosen to use the most common name for character, rather than the name found on the character's article. So, category:Jo Grant images, not "Jo Jones images"; category:Donna Noble images, not "Donna Temple-Noble images". Since this is an out-of-universe category, it's not bound by our in-universe naming conventions.

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