Comic artists are those real world individuals who create the sequential art seen in comic strips or books. They are distinct from illustrators, whose work generally adorns non-comic products — such as video releases, CDs, standalone posters, and toys — or captures a single moment in a text story.

"Comic artist" is a broad term which may encompass the several disciplines of pencilling, inking, lettering, flatting, or colouring. It does not include comic writers or comic editors, however. Because we have categories for pencillers, inkers, letterers and colourists, this category should really only be used for people who paint their work. This generally means that only people in the pre-Marvel era are in this category. Everyone since the inception of Doctor Who Weekly have generally employed line art, as opposed to painting, and therefore use pencils and inks to achieve their art.

If you see a comic strip from DWM 1 or later using the credit "art", it automatically means that the person was a penciller, an inker and, if in colour, a colourist as well. The person should therefore be put into those subcategories and not this one.

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