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Users cannot see it by default. In order to see it on pages where it has been placed, users must click an option in Special:Preferences.

In general, categories should not be hidden. However, in the case of categories which are created solely for use with advanced coding functions like DPL or SMW, or when they have been created in order to facilitate the Game of Rassilon, it can be useful to hide them.

Please do not remove this message from this page without discussion at the Panopticon.

This category is populated through the use of {{speedy rename}}, and should only house articles whose renaming is uncontroversial, and whose current link status is clearly identified. If the template does not clearly specify whether links need to be moved or not, and if the new name is even slightly against the basic principles of T:DAB and T:NAMING, it shouldn't be in this category — you should switch to {{rename}} instead.

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