Catatonia was a medical condition where an individual became unaware of the world outside themselves.

The serum Rosedream sent its victims into a catatonic state. As the Rosemariners did not believe in the death penalty, it was used to control violent criminals. (AUDIO: The Rosemariners)

After creating the Daleks, Davros was rejected by them as their leader and they tried to kill him. (TV: Genesis of the Daleks) However, though his primary life support was knocked out by their attack, Davros's undetected secondary life support system spared him from death and slowly healed his wounds while he went into a catatonic state in the interim. (TV: Destiny of the Daleks)

The flood of irrationality that was released by the Carnival Queen's return drove Matheson Catcher into a catatonic state. After the Queen's re-banishment, he was found in the forest outside Woodwicke. He was taken to Richmond Hospital, where he remained a patient and never recovered. (PROSE: Christmas on a Rational Planet)

To stop the Shift's manipulation of the attendees at the auction of the Relic, the Eighth Doctor deliberately put himself into a catatonic state, trapping the Shift inside his mind. (PROSE: Alien Bodies)

Karl and Katy Baring were driven to catatonia by their encounter with Sphereosis. (AUDIO: The Day of the Troll)

At least one Special Weapons Dalek was among the insane Daleks contained in the Dalek Asylum planet. It appeared to be one of the inactive and/or catatonic of the Dalek inmates. (TV: Asylum of the Daleks)

A Soviet satellite, Mauriner 7, crashed in Lower Burford. The magnetic disruption it produced made Allison Williams catatonic, but she eventually recovered. (AUDIO: The Forgotten Village)

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