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Catastrophea was the eleventh novel in the BBC Past Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Terrance Dicks, released 5 May 1998 and featured the Third Doctor and Jo Grant.

Publisher's summary[]

"Look at the way they just call themselves the People," said Jo. "They're too humble to give themselves a name!" '"Or too arrogant to think they need one," said the Doctor.

The planet's real name is Kastopheria, but generally it's been rechristened Catastrophea — it's a catastrophe waiting to happen. Supposedly civilised races are exploiting the world, squabbling over its wealth and resources, while the indigenous population — golden-skinned giants — seem not to care what their own fate might be. The Doctor and Jo soon become embroiled in a plan to keep peace between different parties vying for control over the planet.

But what is the strange glowing crystal lying hidden in impenetrable jungle? How will the arrival of the proud, warlike Draconians affect the fragile peace? In his quest to find the truth behind the secret history of the People, the Doctor risks unleashing a force more terrible than the galaxy has known for aeons...


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The Doctor[]

  • The Doctor claims to have met David Niven.

Foods and beverages[]

  • The Doctor and Jo eat a meal of spicy native dishes with native beer, fruit juice and sparkling green wine at Rik's Place. They later eat a large meal of soup, a fish course, a game bird and entire roast boar with General Walton, and fruit, nuts, vegetables and juice whilst travelling on the river.
  • The Doctor has rice cakes and tea with Alanna.
  • Jo has occasionally considered becoming a vegetarian, but is too fond of sausage and mash.



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