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The Cat-People, or Felinetta, were a widespread race of galactic scavengers. They were a female-dominated species that only required males ("toms") for having litters.

Genetic relations and origins[]

The Cat-People were a widespread race that, like the cats of Earth, had split into many different races across the stars which included the Lion-men of Mongo, the Felinoids of Cait, the Mercenaries of Gin-Seng, the Kzinti warriors, and the Cheetah People with their genetically engineered Kitlings. (TV: Survival)

Vedela and Capella were other Cat-People worlds, as was Feles, Queen Aysha's home which was referred to as the "litter-world." (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People)


The Cat-People looked like strong, upright Earth cats and possibly had a similar biology: they had sharp teeth, claws, whiskers, purred and mewed, could see extremely well in the dark, and could track smells. Young Cat-People resembled kittens. They gave birth to litters and some Cat-People may have been metamorphic, serving in undercover missions for the Aegis. They hated water. (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People)


Cat-People were female-dominated. Feles was ruled by a Pride Mother with Queen Aysha and presumably other Queens working under her. The order of first litter, second litter, etc and first-sired, second-sired, etc determined the hierarchy, with all Cat-People being the children of a Queen who mated with a tom. Toms, which fed on meat-balls, had low intelligence quotas; they had their teeth and claws removed, and could generally propagate three generations of offspring, with spent sire-stock customarily being destroyed.

Litter-runts were looked down on and gingers were considered genetic throwbacks, beings used for menial positions like cooking and cleaning. They referred to humanoids as "anthropoids." (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People)


The Cat-People used battle cruisers, built from metal containing traces of dwarf star alloy, to traverse the Twelve Galaxies and considered these ships to be the most powerful in the Mutter's Spiral. Ship interiors were completely carpeted for comfort and beaded curtains took the place of sliding doors in some areas. In addition they possessed shuttles and transporters for teleportation.

Cosmetic surgery was also available to Cat-People who had been scarred in battle. They used energy weapons and bombs, and deflector shields could make people who approached it nervous or fearful. (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People)


Before the group of Cat-People from Feles invaded Earth, they had eradicated a reptilian race on the planet Kalidon and skirmished with Gargar rebels on the frontier world of the Maskill system.

In 1994, they travelled to Earth in an attempt to explode the beacons left 40,000 years earlier by the Euterpians as Feles was facing an energy crisis and the planet's destruction would have provided power. They were defeated when Queen Aysha returned from a reality nexus using an RTC unit which somehow converted her into energy and was subsequently fired at their battle cruiser, vaporising it. (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People)