Cat's Cradle: Warhead is the sixth novel in the series of Virgin New Adventures published in the 1990s, and the second in the Cat's Cradle story arc. Written by Andrew Cartmel and set after Survival, it features the Seventh Doctor and Ace. It is the first in a trilogy of "War" titled novels. The second is Warlock (published in 1995) and the third Warchild (published in 1996). This novel is unique in that it begins a trilogy of stories whilst also being in the "Cat's Cradle" trilogy.

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The place is Earth. The time is the near future — all too near.

Industrial development has accelerated out of all control, spawning dangerous new technologies and laying the planet to waste. While the inner cities collapse in guerrilla warfare, a dark age of superstition dawns.

As destruction of the environment reaches the point of no return, multinational corporations and super-rich individuals unite in a last desperate effort — not to save humankind, but to buy themselves immortality in a poisoned world.

If Earth is to survive, somebody has to stop them.

From London to New York to Turkey, Ace follows the Doctor as he prepares, finally, to strike back.

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On a mountain side, the Doctor helps a little boy construct a slingshot.

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Butler Institute

The "Site"

New York Police Department


Vincent's hometown

Cthulhu Cyber Club

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  • The Witchkids are a group of youths that, in the recent past been, have petrol bombed various buildings such as McDonald's.

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