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=== Gallifreyan history ===
=== Gallifreyan history ===
* [[Pythia|The Pythia]] were the ruler of [[Gallifrey]] before [[Rassilon]].
* [[Pythia|The Pythia]] were the ruler of [[Gallifrey]] before [[Rassilon]].
* Pythia came from before the [[Intuitive Revolution]] which heralded the rise of Rassilon to power.
* Pythia came from before the [[Intuitive Revelation]] which heralded the rise of Rassilon to power.
=== Gallifreyan organisations ===
=== Gallifreyan organisations ===
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[[Category:Seventh Doctor novels]]
[[Category:Seventh Doctor novels]]
[[Category:NA novels]]
[[Category:NA novels]]

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Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible is the fifth book in the New Adventures series and the first in the Cat's Cradle sub-trilogy. It features the Seventh Doctor and Ace and was written by Marc Platt.

Publisher's summary

"You’re on your own, Ace."

The TARDIS is invaded by an alien presence, and is then destroyed. The Doctor disappears.

Ace, lost and alone, finds herself in a bizarre deserted city ruled by the tyrannical, leech-like monster known as the Process.

Lost voyagers drawn forward from Ancient Gallifrey perform obsessive rituals in the ruins.

The strands of time are tangled in a cat’s cradle of dimensions.

Only the Doctor can challenge the rule of the Process and restore the stolen Future.

But the Doctor was destroyed long ago, before Time began.

Chapter Titles

  • Prologue
  1. Moussaka and Chips
  2. Cat's Eyes
  3. Bootstrapping
  4. Inside Information
  5. There's No Place Like Home
  6. Night School
  7. Non vultus, non color
  8. The Hollow Hand
  9. Telling Tales
  10. Daleks Don't Like Finger Biscuits
  11. Figures in the Smoke
  12. In Initio, ex Tempore
  13. Fragments of Now
  14. Tales from the Tongues of Fish
  15. Time and Again
  16. The Big Wind-up
  17. Mutatis Mutandis
  18. Future Imperfect
  19. Superstrings
  20. The Banshee Circuit
  21. Time Revised
  22. The Frying Pan Option
  23. The Pythia's Curse
  24. A Flight of Stairs
  25. Spring Tide
  26. Moon Shadows
  27. An Eye for an Eye
  28. The Worst Monster
  29. Beginning Again
  30. The Children of Rassilon
  31. Bookends


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Crew of the Time Scaphe

Ancient Gallifrey


Astronomical objects


  • Rassilon created the Looms to save Gallifrey from potential extinction caused by Pythia's curse of sterility upon Gallifrey.




  • The Doctor has never travelled into the past of Gallifrey.

Gallifreyan Chapter Houses

Gallifreyan culture

  • Sepulchasm is a board game on Gallifrey.
  • Anmers-Tonastide was the Festival of the Timewright.
  • Kithriarch equals "father" on Gallifrey before Rassilon.
  • Treazant was the currency on Gallifrey.
  • Pianalaika is related to music or bands.
  • White sand was imported from Mirphak 2 to Gallifrey for the Games of Rassilon because it showed up the blood better.
  • The Academia was a place of learning on Gallifrey.

Gallifreyan history

Gallifreyan organisations


  • Satthralope was house keeper in the Doctor's House on Gallifrey.


  • Ace can swear in eleven alien languages.





Theories and concepts


  • Banshee Circuits are what the TARDIS uses to survive when everything else fails. It uses whatever resources are available: people, places, dreams etc.



  • This is the first novel in the Cat's Cradle trilogy.
  • This story was adapted from an unproduced television story.
  • Time's Crucible leads directly into Warhead, implying that the Doctor was planning to deal with the Butler Institute after having a meal with Ace in Ealing before the Process broke into the TARDIS.



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