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A cat, also known as Felis catus, (AUDIO: The Case of the Missing Gasogene) was a type of predatory and usually small feline mammal. Cats came in a variety of colours and shapes and were commonly domesticated as pets. (PROSE: Human Nature)

Originally biologically engineered by the pre-time travel Gallifreyans as the calculating animals with tails (of which phrase "cat" was an acronym), the Gallifreyan cat had then been seeded throughout the universe by the Gallifreyans as part of their effort to set themselves up as gods. Gallifreyan cats were intelligent, talking beings, though they still served as pets to their humanoid owners; (PROSE: The Legacy of Gallifrey) the Tenth Doctor once explained to Donna Noble that not only were the cats on Earth not native to the planet rather of alien origins, but that they too were intelligent beings. Rather than the prosaic names their human "owners" tended to give them, their actual names were much grander like "Great Hunter Grimalkin Greycoat Lionheart". Donna, however, did not believe him. (COMIC: Autopia) The cats that resided in Levenshulme corroborated this, as they all displayed intelligence comparable to that of a human, and they chose their names too, but they tended to be subtler. (PROSE: The Story of Fester Cat)

Cats on Earth were extinct by the year 2157. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

Maine Coons, Abyssinians, Persians, Manxes, (PROSE: Frayed) Siamese, (PROSE: Suitors, Inc.) and tortoiseshells were all types of cats. (PROSE: The Story of Fester Cat)

Cats in Earth culture[]

Victorian showmen used to draw the crowds by taking the skull of a cat, glueing it to a fish, and calling it a mermaid. The Ninth Doctor compared the Slitheen's Space Pig with this trick while explaining the Space Pig's true nature to Toshiko Sato. (TV: Aliens of London)

Multiple pictures of cats with sunglasses existed on the internet. Miss Quill scrolled through them during class on her iPad. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die) She admitted to Tanya Adeola that she found them oddly and surprisingly interesting. (PROSE: What She Does Next Will Astound You)

Black cats were often considered unlucky. (PROSE: The Clockwise Man)

Cats that resembled Hitler were dubbed "Kitlers" - there was even a website dedicated to photos of them. (PROSE: The Story of Fester Cat)

Cats and the Doctor[]

The Doctor's relationship with cats varied.

First Doctor[]

A cat tried to attack the First Doctor and his companions while they were shrunk to a small size. The Doctor and his companions had to freeze since one swipe of the paw would smash them to pieces. (TV: Planet of Giants)

Fourth Doctor[]

The Fourth Doctor used the story of Puss in Boots to befuddle a P-series Genesis III. He claimed the computer was unable to comprehend a talking cat. (PROSE: Inter-Galactic Cat)

Fifth Doctor[]

The Fifth Doctor found a cat while searching for a Kaled mutant on Earth that had survived the destruction of its casing and injured a soldier. (TV: Resurrection of the Daleks)

Erimem brought a stray cat named Antranak onto the Doctor's TARDIS. (AUDIO: The Eye of the Scorpion) The Doctor disdained it. (AUDIO: No Place Like Home, Nekromanteia)

Sixth Doctor[]

The Sixth Doctor usually wore a coat with one of several cat brooches on its left lapel. (TV: The Twin Dilemma) The coat occasionally had a variable number of cat-shaped patches sewn into its lining. He sometimes touched his cat brooch for luck when he was about to carry out a dangerous task. (TV: Attack of the Cybermen) One of his cat badges seemed to change its expression to match the Doctor's mood. (WC: Real Time)

Charley Pollard noted that the Doctor "had a way with cats." He countered that cats had a way with him. (AUDIO: The Condemned)

Whilst fighting off a transformation into an Androgum in 20th century Spain, the Doctor noticed a stray cat and was tempted to eat it. (TV: The Two Doctors)

The Doctor wore cat cufflinks. (AUDIO: Trouble in Paradise)

Seventh Doctor[]

The Seventh Doctor and Ace encountered a mysterious black cat-like extraterrestrial that was transporting humans to another world. The two initially thought it was a house cat until its alien nature was identified. This was actually a Kitling. (TV: Survival)

The Doctor was given a pet cat named Wolsey by Joan Redfern. (PROSE: Human Nature)

The Seventh Doctor's cat, Wolsey, relaxes atop the time rotor. (PROSE: Human Nature)

Eighth Doctor[]

The Eighth Doctor once visited an alternate reality where he was a cat named Tardis Tails. (COMIC: The Glorious Dead)

The Eighth Doctor gave Wolsey to Bernice Summerfield. (PROSE: The Dying Days)

The Doctor enjoyed playing with and talking to Carolyn McConnell's pet cat, Mina. (PROSE: Vampire Science)

The Doctor was given a tabby cat by Knight Donna. (PROSE: Legacy of the Daleks)

When the Doctor was infected by Zagreus, among the avatars manifested by the Doctor's TARDIS to aid him was a Cheshire Cat straight out of Alice in Wonderland. (AUDIO: Zagreus)

The Doctor once met a cat who had been given the power of thought by the Bestiary of Legendary and Magical Creatures. (PROSE: Phoenix)

The Doctor discovered a cat aboard the TARDIS that had come aboard without his knowledge. After it jumped on the TARDIS console, the Doctor kicked it out on an alien planet, to Tamsin's dismay. He defended his actions by asserting that the cat was already an alien and thus could survive adequately on an alien world. The cat turned out to be a highly intelligent creature. He also claimed that cats were popular among his people on Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Nevermore)

Ninth Doctor[]

The Ninth Doctor stroked the cat that stayed at the Imperial Club in London 1924. (PROSE: The Clockwise Man)

The Doctor picked up and began talking to a cat he found in 1941 London, complaining about his companions' tendencies to wander off. (TV: The Empty Child)

Tenth Doctor[]

On encountering a ginger cat, the Tenth Doctor declared he was not a cat person, due to being once "threatened by one in a nun's wimple." Chloe Webber later drew the same cat, trapping it in a picture for the Isolus to play with. Along with the Doctor and all the other people and things in Chloe's drawings, it was restored by Rose Tyler. (TV: Fear Her)

The Doctor and Rose encountered a cat called Mitzi, a test subject which had been sent into Hyperspace and ended up ruling the planet Photris. After freeing the humans on Phostris from Mitzi's control, the Doctor and Rose took Mitzi to the Powell Estate where she would be found and adopted by a younger Rose and Jackie Tyler under the name Puffin. (PROSE: The Cat Came Back)

The Doctor petted the kitten offspring of Thomas and Valerie Brannigan and even hugged a former member of the Sisters of Plenitude before coming to his senses. (TV: Gridlock)

After that, he got over his cat hatred — despite previous statements, "he seemed to be getting on OK with this one". Just as he was coming around, though, the Hervoken used the Necris to force cats to attack the Doctor. (PROSE: Forever Autumn)

After Rose Tyler was trapped in Pete's World, the Doctor got a ginger cat and declared he would name it Rose. (COMIC: A Rose by Any Other Name)

Eleventh Doctor[]

The materialisation of the Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS in 1890 France scared away a cat which had been resting in the alley. (TV: Vincent and the Doctor)

The Doctor conversed with a house cat to glean information about what was going on in 79B Aickman Road. (TV: The Lodger) Amy Pond stroked the same house cat. (TV: The Big Bang)

The Doctor mentioned "a basket of kittens" as one of the things people could think about to avoid fear which might attract the Minotaur. (TV: The God Complex)

The Doctor compared his TARDIS to a cat while talking to Clara Oswald, saying it was "a bit slow to trust, but you'll get there in the end". (TV: Hide)

Twelfth Doctor[]

On his browser history, the Twelfth Doctor had a series of cat photos that he and River Song had used to communicate. He found this somewhat embarrassing. (PROSETwice Upon a Time)

Other cats[]

A cat of a Lord President of Gallifrey was eaten by a monstrous mouse, generated by the Rani's experiments. This was among the reasons for her exile. (TV: The Mark of the Rani)

Frobisher took on a job to find a domestic cat of an unknown variant. (AUDIO: The Maltese Penguin)

Jasper was a sapient cartoon cat, manifested from the mind of a young girl on the Crooked World. (PROSE: The Crooked World)

A famished yellow cat was the only witness to the TARDIS materialising in Calcutta in 1947; frightened, it ran for its life. (PROSE: Ghosts of India)

In 2007, when ghosts appeared all over the world, Suzy Monroe wanted to film them for the TV show Ghostwatch. She was trying to have a look at some viewers' sightings. At one of the viewers' sightings, Suzy saw a black and white cat which she fondled. No ghost appeared and Suzy left. Meanwhile, Sheila G wrote an SMS to Ghostwatch and asked why her cat was scared of the ghosts. (WC: Ghostwatch)

Amy Pond's favourite childhood cat was called "Biggles." (TV: The Girl Who Waited)

Estelle Cole owned a cat named Moses. (TV: Small Worlds)

Luke Smith and Clyde Langer once encountered an alien disguised as a kitten, which caused them to be late for school. (AUDIO: The Shadow People)

The person who owned Roger Davey's house before him owned a cat and had a cat flap put in. This was later used by some Adipose to escape from his house. (TV: Partners in Crime)

Rose Tyler's flat in the Powell Estate had a cat flap. Jackie Tyler bolted it shut to keep strays out. (TV: Rose)

In a parallel universe, Jackie Reeve owned a cat named Rose. (AUDIO: The Endless Night)

The Rutan Elizabeth Winters took the form of a cat when she wanted to be inconspicuous. (GAME: The Gunpowder Plot)

Sarah Jane Smith owned a cat which she had inherited from her Aunt Emily. (PROSE: Farewells)

Paul Magrs and Jeremy Hoad looked after Fester Cat. (PROSE: Party Fears Two)

Behind the scenes[]

In Scream of the Shalka, a story not considered a valid source by this wiki, a Time Lord that was known as the Ninth Doctor once met a homeless cat lady. After she mentioned a cat she lost in 1987, he said the cat "must have used up his nine lives, rather like me".