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Casualties of War was the fourth and final audio anthology in the The War Doctor audio series. It was released only a month after the death of John Hurt, who played the War Doctor, on 25 January 2017. In 2021, Big Finish relaunched the series under the title The War Doctor Begins, with Jonathon Carley playing a younger version of the War Doctor.

Publisher's summary[]

4.1 Pretty Lies by Guy Adams

Trapped and desperate, light years from their armies at the heart of the Time War, the War Doctor and Cardinal Ollistra discover that wherever they go, destruction follows. A war reporter named Schandel may provide the key to their escape, but it is often said that the first casualty of war is the truth. When the choice between grim reality and a hero’s story means life or death, will the Doctor allow Schandel to print the legend?

4.2 The Lady of Obsidian by Andrew Smith

As a Dalek Strike Fleet heads to destroy another defenceless world, the Doctor seeks help from a shadowy guerrilla force. The Time War leaves many casualties in its wake, and inside the Obsidian Nebula the monstrous Unlived are held at bay only by the 'Lady' and her dwindling band of fighters. The War Doctor soon finds himself at the Lady's mercy, and two old friends face new revelations...

4.3 The Enigma Dimension by Nicholas Briggs

The Dalek Time Strategist has a new plan to ensure final victory in the Time War. As its forces gather for a huge assault on the enemy, ahead of the fleet something hovers above the planet of the Time Lords. And on Gallifrey itself, shadows move among the Cloisters. The Time Lords face a threat alien to their entire universe. To save their world, the War Doctor and his allies must enter the Enigma Dimension...


# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
4.1 Pretty Lies Guy Adams Nicholas Briggs War Ollistra, Daleks 23 February 2017 BFPDWWAR04
4.2 The Lady of Obsidian Andrew Smith War Ollistra, Leela, Daleks
4.3 The Enigma Dimension Nicholas Briggs


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