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The casting director is responsible for assembling the cast of a dramatic production. To date, Andy Pryor has been the only credited example for Doctor Who and Class, with the exception of Beth Hymson-Ayer who held the role on the 1996 TV Movie. Torchwood series 4 Miracle Day and The Sarah Jane Adventures did employ other casting directors, either working by themselves or together with Pryor.

Casting Directors for Doctor Who[]

1996 TV Movie[]

Series 1 through 12[]

Casting Directors for Torchwood[]

Series 1 through 3[]

Series 4 Miracle Day[]

John Frank Levey and Melanie Burgess were credited for the whole series, with Andy Pryor also being credited for The New World, The Categories of Life, The Middle Men and The Gathering.

Casting Directors for The Sarah Jane Adventures[]

 Series 1[]

Andy Pryor, with the exception of Invasion of the Bane, where Anji Carroll is credited.

Series 2 and 3[]

Series 4 and 5[]

  • Andy Brierley

Casting Directors for Class[]