Casting Off! was a 2|entertain DVD documentary that saw actors voice their opinions of working on Doctor Who.

It opened with Janet Fielding suggesting guest actors got a better deal as they were chosen by the director. Mark Strickson remembered how enjoyable it was to find out who was going to be working with them on that serial. Fiona Cumming recalled how wonderful it was to work with Lynda Baron, who played Captain Wrack and Leee John and Christopher Brown agreed that she was a wonderful actor.

John mentioned how he had asked the crew on how to play his part. He was told to play it as a "space pirate", which was hardly helpful. Cumming recalled how Keith Barron had to play his part without emotion and Barron himself though this made his character more mysterious. Fielding, Strickson and Cumming complimented Brown on his performance.

Peter Davison recalled how Cyril Luckham was rather naughty on set, but was still wonderful to work with. Brown, Cumming and Barron considered Valentine Dyall's performance as the Black Guardian wonderful. The documentary ended with Strickson recalling how so many great actors met in the BBC canteen, specifying an occasion where he sat with Ronnie Barker.

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