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Cassandra King was a colonist of Callous.

She was the daughter of Elliot King and the wife of Martine King.


She grew up on Callous but left when her father paid for her to go to University. She studied painting but switched over to Mining Engineering when her father's case at Callous became worse.

She was in charge of mining swenyo from the Callous mines when her father committed suicide. She had Martine smuggle Ood onto Callous to aid her in her mining. She became attached to the Ood and gave them pet names. However when one of her owned Ood was shot, she was more upset at how expensive the Ood were rather than it's life. When Jaques killed himself and the colonists of Callous began lynching her Ood, Cassie became increasingly depressed. She eventually answered the phone from an Ood. On the phone, the War Master offered her help. (AUDIO: Call for the Dead)

She was killed by the Ood on orders of the Master when he stole the swenyo and abandoned the people of Callous. (AUDIO: Sins of the Father)

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