Cassandra was the High Priestess of Troy and the daughter of King Priam. The First Doctor's companion Katarina served as her handmaiden. She was the sister of Paris, Hector and Troilus.

For a time prior to the arrival of the Doctor's TARDIS, Cassandra had had nightmares of the future. A mean-spirited and vindictive sort, she nevertheless warned Priam and those associated with her that doom would come to Troy, the people of which had long failed to take her seriously. When Vicki Pallister, later called Cressida, emerged from the TARDIS, which the Trojans had taken to the city, Cassandra immediately accused her of practising witchcraft. She warned of the Trojan Horse, a plan put into action by the First Doctor, borrowing the idea from Homer, but to no avail.

After the fall of Troy, in which her father and her brother Paris were killed, she became the slave of the Greek warlord Agamemnon. (TV: The Myth Malera)

She chose Katarina as her handmaiden as she predicted that she would die. (PROSE: Scribbles in Chalk)

She was resurrected in the City of the Saved as a young woman. In AF 291, while on the Tube, Cassandra prophesied in painstaking detail the imminent Civil War. (PROSE: Of the City of the Saved... Prologue)

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