Case File Three, subtitled Krasko, was released online in 2018, alongside Rosa.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Yaz gives a report on the racist mass murderer Krasko. Krasko had been imprisoned at Stormcage in the far future for the murders of over 2000 people. Upon his release, he was given a neural restrictor to keep him from ever killing again. However, Krasko found a way around this by making use of a temporal displacement weapon; as he would not be causing harm, the implant could not stop his actions.

Krasko, being a racist towards people of African descent, believed that the Civil Rights Movement was sparked by Rosa Parks' arrest. He went back in time to disrupt either the bus routes or find ways to delay her; his temporal displacement weapon was a last resort if all his tricks failed

However, thanks to the Doctor and her companions, Krasko was hit by his own device and sent somewhere far in the past. Yaz notes that this was a fitting fate for Krasko as his racism "belonged with the dinosaurs."

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  • Case File Three uses imagery from the television story Rosa.

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