Case File Five, subtitled Pting, was released online in 2018, alongside The Tsuranga Conundrum.

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Yaz gives a detailed report on the Pting, their history and her encounter with one.

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  • The Pting is "small but mighty", eats anything non-organic and is fatally violent.
  • Yaz notes that the Pting's name and appearance was funny at first.
  • The Pting has toxic skin and sharp teeth which can rip metal.
  • Yaz claims that the Pting can move faster than Usain Bolt.
  • The Pting is impossible to kill.
  • The Pting's behavior endangered lives though it did not have malicious intent.
  • Team TARDIS was separated from the Doctor's TARDIS, finding themselves on a spaceship which was being eaten by the Pting.
  • They were located on the edges of the Constant Division, which was disputed territory.
  • The Tsuranga was full of patients who needed urgent medical care.
  • There was a bomb aboard the Tsuranga.
  • The situation was resolved by the Thirteenth Doctor.

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