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Case File,[1] marketed by BBC America as Yaz's Case File,[2][3] was a series of webcasts released as a tie-in with series 11 of Doctor Who in 2018. It was scripted by Jacqueline Rayner.[4]

As the BBC America name implied, they were a mini-recap of the episodes but from Yasmin Khan's perspective. As such, they contained little new information that wasn't already obvious to the viewer of the main Doctor Who episode.

The series was similar in format to Monster Files, seen during the late RTD/early Moffat era. It also shared some commonality with Sarah Jane's Alien Files that was released with The Sarah Jane Adventures for a time — although that series had more content that was not seen in the accompanying episode.

The series stood in contrast to Tardisodes and prequels, two types of short-form programming that offered wholly new narrative rather than explorations of concepts and creatures already featured in televised stories.


Title Subtitle Released with Description Full video
Case File One "The Stenza" The Woman Who Fell to Earth Brief overview of the Stenza in general and Tzim-Sha's conflict with the Thirteenth Doctor.

Case File 1 Meet the Stenza Doctor Who BBC America

Case File Two "The Remnants" The Ghost Monument Brief overview of the Remnants found on the planet Desolation, and how the Doctor defeated them during one encounter.

Case File 2 Meet the Remnants Doctor Who BBC America

Case File Three "Krasko" Rosa Brief overview of Krasko and Rosa Parks starting the Montgomery Bus Boycotts.

Krasko Case File Doctor Who Series 11

Case File Four "Mutant Spiders" Arachnids in the UK Brief overview of the Mutant Spiders and the events at Robertson Luxury Hotels.

Mutant Spiders Case File Doctor Who Series 11

Case File Five "Pting" The Tsuranga Conundrum Brief overview of the Pting and the events on Tsuranga.

Pting Case File Doctor Who Series 11

Case File Six "The Thijarians" Demons of the Punjab Brief overview of the Thijarians and the events in Punjab.

Thijarians Case File Doctor Who Series 11

Case File Seven "The Kerblam Man" / "The Postmen" Kerblam! Brief overview of the Kerb!am Men and the events in Kerb!am.

The Kerblam Man Case Files Doctor Who

Case File Eight "Morax" The Witchfinders Brief overview of the Morax and the events in Bilehurst Cragg.

Morax Case Files Doctor Who

Case File Nine "Creatures of the Antizone" It Takes You Away Brief overview of the Anti-zone Team TARDIS encountered and the creatures inhabiting it, specifically Ribbons and the flesh moths.

The Antizone Case Files Doctor Who

Case File Ten "The Ux" The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos Brief overview of the Ux's background and history, as well as some details of the events on Ranskoor Av Kolos in 5425.

The Ux Case File Doctor Who

Case File Eleven "The Reconnaissance Dalek" Resolution Brief overview of the Dalek's history, the Order of the Custodians, and the events of New Year's Day 2019.

The Dalek Case File Doctor Who



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