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Casablanca was a famous film. (PROSE: Dancing the Code)

Cast Edit

Ingrid Bergman was among the cast. (PROSE: Just War)

Characters Edit

In the movie, Rick sent Elsa to the aeroplane with her husband. (PROSE: Deceit)

The character played by Ingrid Bergman wore a tailored pink wool suit, a jacket with big square pockets and round buttons, a skirt just a bit longer than knee-length, a white cotton blouse with a floppy collar, a matching hat with a broad brim, white silk stockings and a white cashmere scarf. (PROSE: Just War)

References Edit

Makenzie Shaw quoted this film in reference to him and Martha and Amber Mailloux. "The problems of three people didn't amount to a hill of beans in this world." (PROSE: Drift)

When Bernice Summerfield was ignoring the taxi driver Ray's racist remarks, she told Ruth Leonidas that she was halfway through recollecting the film. (AUDIO: Paradise Frost)

Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart remembered the famous scene with the aeroplane when he himself was ordered to take a flight and leave the Third Doctor behind. (PROSE: Dancing the Code)

The Third Doctor references the famous closing line from the movie. When the Brigadier inquires whether General Finch took Sarah out to dinner,the Doctor replies, "Didn't look like the beginnings of a beautiful friendship to me."

Connie Watson watched the movie before she was taken. (PROSE: The Very Last Picture Show)

The Tenth Doctor suggested to Martha Jones that she watch the movie. (PROSE: Peacemaker)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The comic story As Time Goes By repurposes many characters and plot developments from the movie, without naming the characters. However, all such repurposed characters except for the Captain are secondary to the plot of the comic story.
  • The novel Deceit mentions Rick Blaine and Ilsa Lund without stating their last names and, additionally, using an alternative spelling "Elsa" instead of "Ilsa". The misspelling could be a typo or could reflect the way her name is pronounced in the movie by several characters, notably by Sam, who always calls her "Miss Elsa".
  • In the novel The Shining Man, Bill Potts tries to recall a scene from the movie where the character of Humphrey Bogart, who spoke with an American accent, said "Play it again, Sam." However, the movie is only identified by Bill as an "old movie". And this phrase, despite being commonly attributed to Rick and associated with Casablanca, did not appear in the movie in this form, while a similar phrase came from Ilsa, not from Rick.
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