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Major Carver was the father of a young private who was vapourised by the animated gargoyle Bok during the incident at Devil's End.

Biography Edit

Wishing to know why his son's body was never recovered, Carver approached Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart who, sympathising with his grief, the Brigadier allowed Carver to accompany him to UNIT. Arriving there, Carver held him and the Third Doctor hostage with primed grenades sewn into his jacket, and demanded the truth, unaware that the Brigadier was bound by the Official Secrets Act. However, the Doctor was able to hint that Private Carver's death was related to the capture of the notorious criminal Mr. Magister, and the Brigadier told Carver that his son's body was unable to be recovered after Magister's experimental weapons detonated the church at Devil's End. Carver revealed that his grenades were fakes and was allowed to leave with no charges pressed by the Brigadier, who realised that even though Carver had as much of the truth as he was allowed, he would always be haunted by visions of his son's death. (AUDIO: Degrees of Truth)