The Carsenome was the base of the Animus. It was manned by its Zarbi servants. The Animus used a long tube in the Carsenome to talk to the First Doctor. The Zarbi took the Doctor's TARDIS there. The Doctor set up communications equipment in the Carsinome on the Animus' orders. (TV: The Web Planet)

After the Isop-tope device reduced the Carsenome to a single tendril, it regrew as the Animus "beg[a]n again" on Earth, reforming in the London Underground in 1868. The Carsenome was killed when Ian Chesterton drove a train into it. (COMIC: Unnatural Selection)

Behind the scenes Edit

The spelling of the Carsenome as "Carsinome" originates from the script of The Web Planet. The comic story Unnatural Selection uses the spelling "Carsenome", Doctor Who and the Zarbi simply refers to it as "the Centre" or "the Zarbi Headquarters", and no other story featuring the Zarbi or the Menoptera mentions it at all.