Caroline Morris is a voice actor for Big Finish Productions, primarily portraying Erimem, companion of the Fifth Doctor. She has also appeared in other roles for Big Finish, including a role in Big Finish's Sapphire and Steel range.

Morris originally came from a background in live theatre. After meeting Jason Haigh-Ellery at the PanoptiCon sci-fi convention and giving him her voiceover CD, she was invited to audition for the part of Erimem.[1] Originally intended as a one-off role, after the first day of recording with Morris, Gary Russell liked how the character of Erimem was working out. Russell arranged with writer Iain McLaughlin to have the character return and Morris found herself in the role of a returning companion.[2]

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Caroline Morris and Maggie Stables

Morris with Maggie Stables at the 2003 PanoptiCon convention.

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