The Carnival Queen, also known as the Cacophony, was an entity created from parts of the Time Lords, which she called Watchmakers. Rassilon, the first King of the Majestic Clockwork, imprisoned it in a tiny corner of creation. She also considered the Gynoids her children.

Origin Edit

Following Rassilon's lead, the Time Lords cast out the irrational parts of their souls, which congregated as a great cloud in the upper atmosphere of Gallifrey and were banished from the newly rational universe by Rassilon. He imprisoned it in a tiny corner of creation, the Time Vortex. The Time Lords forgot her and did not allow themselves to dream of her. (PROSE: Christmas on a Rational Planet)

Powers Edit

The Carnival Queen could influence reality from her prison. She nurtured psychic abilities in humans and indirectly gave rise to the Shadow Directory and events of Yemaya. (PROSE: Sleepy)

The Carnival Queen described Gynoids as her children. Gynoids were robots that looked like women. They were not built, but simply were. They had a distorting effect on reality. (PROSE: Christmas on a Rational Planet)

She fit into science as a personification of a potential Kuhn Paradigm shift in the way the consciousness of observers collapsed mixed-state events. (PROSE: The Death of Art)

History Edit

The Carnival Queen was allowed back into the rational universe by a combination of Marielle Duquesne's psychic probing of the Time Vortex and Chris Cwej's tampering with the TARDIS. (PROSE: Christmas on a Rational Planet)

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