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Carnell was a highly trained psychostrategist, who prided himself on his ability to predict all the variables on a given event, assuming he had all the information. He had only failed once, but it was a failure that had resulted in his exile from the Federation.

Carnell was on the run for two years prior to establishing himself in Kaldor City. He kept the ship in which he landed on Kaldor hidden, should he need to flee from the planet.

Carnell was hired by the Board of the Company that ruled Kaldor City to eliminate the potential threat that Kiy Uvanov's plans could pose to their rule, but this plan was flawed from the beginning as, while he knew of the Sandminer incident, he had concluded that the Doctor and Leela were 'just' a group hallucination caused by the stress of the situation. As a result, he was unprepared for the Doctor and Leela arriving in Kaldor City as he tried to implement his strategy, forcing him to 'defect' from the families and share the truth of recent events with Uvanov so that his former target could use the information to undermine the ruling families and implement his own plans. (PROSE: Corpse Marker)

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Carnell was consulted by Supreme Commander Servalan regarding a plan to send TARDISes acquired from Gallifrey for the purpose of observing ancient Earth, specifically the BBC. He later recalled that this conversation took place before his unfortunate first meeting with her but after he "had first met the Doctor for the second time". (PROSE: The Steve Cole Personalised Novel)

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