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The Caretakers were tasked with maintaining Paradise Towers and keeping it clean of rubbish and wallscrawl.

Society[edit | edit source]

The Caretakers lived their lives by the regulations of their rulebook. As their rulebook stated, they were never to question their leader, the Chief Caretaker. After the Chief, the Deputy Chief Caretaker was second-in-command. They referred to the Kangs as "wallscrawlers" and the Rezzies as "oldsters".

The Caretakers knew Paradise Towers' creator, Kroagnon, as the "Great Architect" and long expected his return. (TV: Paradise Towers)

History[edit | edit source]

Unlike the rest of the male population, the Caretakers appeared to be exempt from military service. Paradise Towers fell into disrepair and the Caretakers struggled to contain the Kangs, who were constantly creating wallscrawls. Unknown to his staff, the Chief Caretaker was using the cleaners to transport the bodies of the dead to a creature in the basement.

Unknown to even the Chief, this was Kroagnon, who was also using the cleaners to kill people, including several Caretakers, such as 345/12, subsection 3. When the Seventh Doctor was arrested in a raid on the Kangs, the Chief took him to be the Great Architect and ordered his execution. The Chief was called away after 345/12, subsection 3's death was reported and he left the Deputy to guard him. The Doctor asked to see the rulebook and was permitted to do so as his last request. He invented rules to have the Deputy and his guards stand away from him, close their eyes and put their hands on their heads. The Doctor then took the Deputy's key card and escaped.

The Deputy and his fellow guards are bound. (TV: Paradise Towers)

To recapture him, the Deputy led a group of Caretakers to the Red Kang brainquarters. They broke down the door and returned the Doctor to the Chief's office. After interrogating him, the Chief again left the Doctor a prisoner of the Deputy. The Red Kangs attacked and tied up the Caretakers, allowing the Doctor to escape.

Meanwhile, the Chief was forced into the presence of Kroagnon by cleaner 479. There, through the process of corpoelectroscopy, Kroagnon took over his body. In the Chief's office, the Deputy ordered Regulation ZZZ to be put into effect, meaning all Caretakers were to act with caution and return to base.

When the "Chief" arrived at his office, the Deputy realised it was no longer he and fled to Floor 304. There the Caretakers allied themselves with the other residents of Paradise Towers and worked together to defeat the cleaners. Pex sacrificed himself to kill Kroagnon. The united groups of Paradise Towers later held a ceremony in Pex's honour. (TV: Paradise Towers)

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