Cardiff Royal Infirmary

The Cardiff Royal Infirmary was a hospital in Cardiff.

Owen Harper worked there. His fiancée, Katie Russell, was taken into care there after a cancerous tumour was identified in her brain. It transpired that it was in fact a tumour alien, which killed Katie and forced Torchwood Three to enter the hospital to dispose of the creature. This event made Owen mentally unstable, leading to him being dismissed from his job. (TV: Fragments)

Gwen Cooper went there to have a wound on her head tended after she stopped a pub brawl. Torchwood Three had sealed off an area of the Infirmary due to a Weevil, later named Janet, who was lurking in the Infirmary. Gwen investigated and witnessed a hospital porter being murdered. Torchwood captured Janet and left. (TV: Everything Changes)

The Rift dumped a victim of the bubonic plague in the Infirmary and it soon infected other patients and staff. Owen and Toshiko Sato investigated and Tosh saw a vision of her mother. When Torchwood opened the Rift, time was reversed and the Plague never came through. (TV: End of Days)

Mike Lyndon and his burglar were taken there after being injured by Keryehla Janees. Jack Harkness and Gwen took Keryehla away from Mike, after the burglar died trying to get her away from him. Keryehla returned and accidentally killed Mike. Jack and Gwen took her away and they suffered a severe blast created by other Cell 114. (TV: Sleeper)

Marie Thomas was taken there after Billy Davies failed to assassinate her. Owen and Martha Jones investigated and witnessed Marie being killed by a swarm of Mayflies. (TV: Reset)

Victims of the Ghostmaker and Pearl were taken there. Jack and Ianto Jones later returned a young boy's last breath, but were unable to save other patients. (TV: From Out of the Rain)

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