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Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle was a Victorian castle in Cardiff, not far from Lloyd George Avenue. (AUDIO: Outbreak) It was located south of Cardiff's Central Police Headquarters and approximate to the Millennium Stadium. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)


The castle was built in the Victorian era by the Marquess of Bute, a man that Ianto Jones said had lots of money but no sense. In the 20th century, a secret tunnel was built that lead to a bunker that could offer shelter during an air raid. The tunnel was infested with rats, which were later devoured by Weevils.

Ianto Jones once got lost in Cardiff Castle whilst on a school trip. (AUDIO: Outbreak)

"Margaret Blaine" planned for Cardiff Castle to be demolished as part of the Blaidd Drwg project. (TV: Boom Town) However, although the nuclear power plant was built, (PROSE: Another Life) Cardiff Castle was still standing. (TV: Everything Changes)

John Hart took Jack Harkness to the castle to give him a good view of Cardiff's bombings. (TV: Exit Wounds)

During a zombie outbreak in 2009, Andy Davidson bypassed both the Millennium Stadium and Cardiff Castle, as he drove Dawn Stratton and Sophie Gould up North Road to Cardiff's Central Police Headquarters. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)

Frances Godalming told people to take those infected with Invictus to the Emergency Response Centre at Cardiff Castle. (AUDIO: Outbreak)

Behind the scenes[]

Cardiff Castle was also one of the buildings used in location filming for The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People, as St John's Monastery.