Cardiff's Central Police Headquarters

Cardiff's Central Police Headquarters was the main HQ of Cardiff police. It was located on North Road, north of the Millennium Stadium, opposite Bute Park. The building had an imposing façade and a myriad of windows.

During a zombie outbreak in 2009, Gwen Cooper persuaded Jack Harkness to allow her to organise a police operation in order to get the situation under control. After attempting to contact Central Police Headquarters over the phone to no avail, she and Rhys Williams decided to head to the police station on foot.

Andy Davidson was also attempting to reach the police station with the unconscious body of his partner, Dawn Stratton, who had been bitten during the outbreak. Finding St Helen's Hospital surrounded by zombies, he believed the doctor at Police HQ to be Dawn's best chance of survival.

Upon his arrival with Dawn and Sophie Gould, Andy found the Police Headquarters under siege by zombies. A number of bodies were strewn on the ground outside. With zombies closing in, Andy sped away. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Cardiff Central Police Station stood in for Hallamshire Police Headquarters, the workplace of Yasmin Khan, in The Woman Who Fell to Earth and Spyfall.

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