You may be looking for the titular character.

Captain Scarlet was a television series which starred a character of the same name.

The Twelfth Doctor once referred to UNIT's aircraft carrier Valiant as "Cloudbase", a key feature of the series. Osgood mistakenly thought the reference was from Thunderbirds, but was corrected by Colonel Ahmed. The Doctor then noted that he had met Sylvia Anderson. (TV: Death in Heaven)

Behind the scenes Edit

Created by Sylvia and Gerry Anderson, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons was a TV series produced by Century 21 Productions. Like Doctor Who it was initially created in the 1960s, with a revived series, Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet, later broadcast in 2005.

The series also share narrative similarities with Torchwood, most notably in that they both feature immortal protagonists (Captain Scarlet and Captain Jack Harkness) employed by security organisations dedicated to defending the Earth from alien invasions. Like Torchwood, Captain Scarlet is also known for having a darker tone than its preceding series, such as Thunderbirds.

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