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Captain Britain (1985) was a 1985 American comic book-style series published by Marvel Comics UK, which ran for fourteen issues in total. It was the second volume with the title, following Captain Britain (1976).

It is of interest to the DWU as the first four issues included Free-Fall Warriors as an original backup story featuring the origin story of Freefall Warriors. This group encountered the Fourth Doctor in Doctor Who and the Free-Fall Warriors. While these backup stories did not concern the titular character, Captain Britain did appear at Bonjaxx's birthday party in Party Animals, a DWM comic story which featured the Seventh Doctor, the Freefall Warriors, and numerous other character cameos.

As with Death's Head (1988) / The Incomplete Death's Head after it, it is one of few titles that suggest the Doctor is a character within the multiverse of Marvel Comics.

Captain Britain originally planned to republish Jeff Hawke stories but was replaced with Free-Fall Warriors and the cover artwork was amended.[1]

Original DWU Stories Edit

The short-lived title contained Free-Fall Warriors, a four-part story that utilised characters that originated in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine.

Reprint DWU Stories Edit

Abslom Daak's first two stories were also reprinted in the first eleven issues of the title.

Parts two, three, and four titled as "Massacre on Mazam", "Death Wish", "Suicide Gambit", respectively.
Parts titled as "The Battle Joined", "Daak Alliance", "Kill Wagon", "Farewell to Draconia", "Instant Harma", "Mercuriuser & Curiouser", and "Dalek Killers", respectively.

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